financial planning is for everyone

In its tenth year and an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, Financial Planning Week (FPW) is part of an ongoing effort to educate Canadians about the value of financial planning with a professional planner. FPW 2018 will take place from November 18-24. We invite you to get started with financial planning by exploring the content below and learning how you can set yourself up for a successful financial future.  


4 Steps to finding the financial planner who's right for you

When it comes to choosing the right financial planner, where do you even begin? Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) created this nifty guide to help you find a professional financial planner that meets your unique needs, in four easy steps.


Jump into Financial Planning Week with these simple steps you can take right now to help manage your financial affairs now and always.

plan for a stress-free future

Research shows that Canadians who plan properly are more in control and less stressed about their financial futures. Learn how professional financial planners can confidently guide you to financial health.

Why parents feel the pressure to help their adult children

Don your own mask first! When it comes to your finances, find out why it's so important to prioritize your long-term financial needs over your kid's short-term desires.

Focusing on bite-sized goals helps people overcome their financial blind spots

When we're faced with something that seems overwhelming, it's easier to ignore it. Discover how you can confront your financial blind spots and create an actionable vision for your financial future.

Backpacks, budgets and financial planning

There are a lot of 'firsts' for new graduates, from first regular income to first payments on student loans. And it's just as important to identify and plan for financial goals at this life stage. Find out how a financial plan can help new graduates see the whole picture and stay on track for their financial futures.

How to Teach Your Children Good Financial Habits

It's never too early to start teaching your kids sound financial habits. Learn what you can start doing now to help your children make wise choices about their money when they're young which will ease their reliance on you down the road.

Beyond Algorithms: The Value of a Human Financial Planner

Robo-advisors and digital investment tools have certainly made selecting and rebalancing portfolios faster and easier. Explore how the rise of these technologies has emphasized the indispensable value of a human financial planner through their ability to take a holistic and ethical approach to their clients' long-term financial health.

A Fine Balance: Supporting Adult Children vs. Parent's Financial Stability

Financial education and literacy is rarely discussed in schools and usually not discussed at home. So as a parent, how do you know where to draw the line between your natural desire to help your children and the need for them to take care of their own financial future?

Navigating the seniors' financial roadmap

A major motivation to begin financial planning is to alleviate the fear of not having money later in life. But did you know that without a proper financial plan, many people find that they could have spent more in their earlier retirement years?

Should you help your child buy their first home?

Many parents with adult children believe one of the ways to get their kids started in life is to help them buy a house. Here's what you should consider before committing.

Snowplow parenting: Are you sacrificing your financial health to help your children?

As a parent, it's reasonable to want to guide your children through the financial blizzards of early adulthood. But beware of crossing over into “snowplowing parenting” - when well-meaning intentions drive parents to clear all financial obstacles from their children's path, even at the expense of their own finances. Learn what you can do to recognize and avoid these behaviours.