The Government of Canada, in conjunction with Canada’s National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy, launched a National Strategy for Financial Literacy for all Canadians - Count me in, Canada on June 9, 2015.
The strategy has been in development since July 2014, when the Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson and Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney announced the creation of a 15-member National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy.  The strategy is intended to be a first step toward the goal of empowering Canadians to manage their money and debt wisely, plan and save for their future, and prevent and protect against fraud and financial abuse. 
Among the committee’s members is Cary List, President & CEO of Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), who has led FPSC through a long history of involvement in the financial literacy arena. “It has been a pleasure to serve on this Steering Committee over the past year”, says List. “I look forward to the next stage in our work, which will be the fleshing out of an action plan that will include measures of progress and success and specific initiatives in support of this long-term strategy.” 
“We recognize that improving Canadians’ financial literacy will require the commitment of a variety of stakeholders and we look forward to working with them along the way,” he adds. “Today marks the beginning of that focused and important journey.”
“Financial literacy is our shared responsibility, and collaboration is fundamental to our success,” says Jane Rooney, Financial Literacy Leader. “I am confident that by working together toward common goals, building partnerships and coordinating our actions, we will improve the financial literacy of Canadians in a durable way."
For more details on the strategy document, please visit Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

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