Hi, I’m Kelley Keehn. I’m an author and personal finance educator, and for the last decade plus, it’s been my mission to make Canadians feel good about money.

A couple of years ago, I met Cary List, President and CEO of FP Canada, when we both joined the National Steering Committee for Financial Literacy. When Cary shared with me that anyone in Canada could call themselves a financial planner without any specified knowledge, skills or abilities, I was outraged. That’s just plain wrong! 

I’ve done thousands of media interviews over the past 12 years and of all the emails I get from readers and viewers across Canada, the number one question is, “How do I find someone to trust my money to that has my interests at heart?” 

This has been a really difficult question for me to answer over the years, but on FindYourPlanner.ca, you can find a CFP professional in your area.  Someone who has not only demonstrated their competence, but who must attest each year to the fact that they will put your interests first.

Another great resource is the FinancialPlanningForCanadians.ca website, where you’ll find other tools to help you feel more confident even before you start the planning process. 

Hey, I know finding someone you trust is hard. But knowing the right steps to take can make the process so much easier. So it’s my honour to be the consumer advocate for the FP Canada.

Look—we know that when Canadians have a financial plan, they tell us they feel more confident, and they’re much more likely to reach their financial goals—and will even do so with less stress. So I recommend your first step is to look for a CFP professional as your financial planning partner to make your dreams a reality.