When it comes to managing their finances, consumers are struggling. They’re not highly confident, don’t stay on track, fail to achieve goals and most don’t have a financial plan. We know this because of global research that was commissioned by the Financial Planning Standards Board in partnership with FP Canada, involving over 19,000 adults in 19 different countries, including over 1,000 in Canada.


If you feel like your finances are out of control, you’re not alone.

Did you know that more than 8 in 10 people don’t feel very knowledgeable about their finances? That same group says it’s tough to stick to their financial strategies. As a result, only 2 in 10 people around the world feel strongly confident that they can achieve their financial goals.

If you were to develop a financial plan for your family today, what would your priorities be? Here’s what’s top-of-mind for most people:

  • Being debt-free

  • Being prepared for an emergency

  • Owning a home

  • Planning for retirement

  • Managing their finances

  • Supporting others financially

  • Managing investments

But only 1/3 of consumers have a comprehensive, written financial plan. Why? It’s a matter of trust.

While more than 2/3 of all consumers rate trustworthiness as a very important consideration when selecting a financial professional, nearly as many don’t know whom to trust. We do.

Life’s better with a Certified Financial Planner® professional. Most consumers who work with a Certified Financial Planner® professional are very satisfied. These same individuals are also more likely than other consumers to be highly confident in achieving their financial goals, to consider themselves very knowledgeable about financial matters, and to be very successful at sticking to their financial strategies.

Certified Financial Planner® professionals get high marks from clients on:

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Placing clients’ interests first

  • Understanding clients’ needs and goals

  • Explaining financial matters in simple terms

On average, people say CFP professionals spend almost twice as much time than other types of financial professionals working directly with their clients, helping them develop plans to achieve their financial and life goals.

What’s the best way to take control of your financial future? Look for someone you can trust. A Certified Financial Planner® professional.

CFP certification is the only globally recognized mark of excellence in financial planning.

Find your Certified Financial Planner® professional today.

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