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Parents Making Major Financial Sacrifices To Help Adult Children With Housing Costs, Survey Shows

From Newstalk 610 CKTB: Listen as FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn offers financial planning tips for millennials and their parents in the face of steep housing costs.

Parents ready to make sacrifices to help adult children buy homes

From Insurance Journal: More and more Canadian parents intend to help their adult children buy a home, despite the impact it will have on their own financial futures.

More than one-third of parents in Toronto are helping their kids pay rent

From Blog TO: Torontonians and people in other urban cities are significantly more likely to use their retirement savings on their children’s living situation, FP Canada survey shows.

Parents aren’t just helping their kids buy homes — they’re helping pay rent: poll

From Global News: More than a third of parents with kids under 18 intend on helping their children pay the rent, FP Canada survey shows.

Canadians putting off retirement to help kids buy homes: survey

From Investment Executive: The financial toll of helping adult children with housing costs has increased over the past two years, FP Canada survey of parents reveals.

1-in-5 young Canadians will postpone retirement to financially support aging parents

FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn offers tips for juggling the many financial priorities within your family.

Are aging parents a financial burden for Canadians?

Survey finds only 28% of those polled are familiar with tax credits associated with caring for dependent parents.

Canadians concerned about aging parents becoming financial burdens

Canadians are worried about postponing retirement and being unable to pay off debt, survey finds.

Adult Canadians concerned about supporting aging parents

Canadians are ill-prepared financially to support aging parents and could use the help of a financial planner to sort things out, according to a survey commissioned by FP Canada™ and Chartwell Retirement Residences.

Canadians face delayed retirement to fund their parents

Many older Canadians turn to family members for support and that can cause a significant financial strain, says FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate, Kelley Keehn.

How to help your kids pay for school without compromising retirement

FP Canada™ Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn explains how getting an early start on education savings can help in the long run.

Impact of student debt on parents

Can you afford to help your kids with the cost of college or university? FP Canada Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn offers tips for providing support within your means.

The growing toll of post-secondary costs on students and their parents

FP Canada Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn explains what to consider before handing your kids that tuition cheque.

Half of BC parents fear postponing retirement to help kids with school debt

More than 60% of BC parents fear that crushing student debt will prevent their children from being able to buy their own homes, FP Canada survey shows.

Impact of student debt spreading to parents

FP Canada poll shows just a third of Canadians are familiar with tax credits, grants and other financial assistance programs associated with post-secondary costs.

Organizing Financial Clutter

Have you met with your financial planner lately? Kelley Keehn explains how a CFP professional can help you tackle your financial to-do list this spring.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn shares tips for organizing your finances this spring.

The biggest financial pitfalls awaiting you this spring

FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn highlights the top financial tasks that should be on your to-do list at this time of year.

How to tackle tricky money topics with your kids

FP Canada’s Consumer Advocate Kelley Keehn offers tips on what to say—and what not to say—when talking to your kids about money.

Three common financial sabotages and how to avoid them

Kelley Keehn, Consumer Advocate for FP Canada, explains how a CFP pro can help you avoid inadvertently sabotaging your own finances this spring.

FPSC relaunches as FP Canada

The former Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) became FP Canada this week, a national professional body “dedicated to advancing professional financial planning.”