A Collaborative Relationship

Working with a professional financial planner to achieve your financial goals is a long-term, collaborative relationship built on trust. Here’s what you should expect from them: 

Knowledge and Skills

QAFP® professionals and CFP® professionals have the knowledge and skills to help you manage your everyday and complex financial needs with a financial plan that fits your diverse and changing circumstances. That includes buying a house, saving for your children’s education, mapping out your dream retirement or managing complicated issues related to cross-border taxation or the financial management of small businesses.  

Clear Communication

Planners will provide detailed explanations of their recommendations and a full explanation of their fees. They should answer all your questions in a way you understand. 


Planners will provide guidance on both simple and complex personal finance issues, from as basic as spending, saving and investing, to estate planning for a large estate that includes small businesses and many family members. 

Your Interests Come First

When you hire a QAFP professional or a CFP professional, you are hiring an advisor who has committed to put your interests first when providing you with financial advice and financial planning services to meet your goals. QAFP professionals and CFP professionals can receive sanctions from FP Canada, and even risk losing their certification, for violating the Standards. Clients and/or members of the public can make complaints directly to FP Canada.  


Make a Complaint

Concerns or Questions?


If you are concerned about the advice or actions of your QAFP professional or CFP professional, you can make a complaint to FP Canada.  

Some examples of behaviours that could result in a complaint include:

  • Making recommendations that were not suitable or that were not clearly explained 
  • Breaking confidentiality  
  • Failing to tell you about a conflict of interest  
  • Dishonesty, fraud, and misrepresentation  

You can find a description of how FP Canada’s complaint process works, in our Complaint Process overview.

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Working with a Financial Planner

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